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10 Top Tips for Completing the Great Australian Lap in a Caravan

Embarking on a caravan lap around Australia is an epic adventure, offering breathtaking landscapes, unique wildlife, and the freedom of the open road. To make the most of this once-in-a-lifetime journey, here are 10 top tips:

  • Prepare for No Internet Zones: While traversing remote areas like the Nullarbor, you might find yourself without internet for days. It's crucial to prepare for these digital detox periods. Download audiobooks, podcasts, and music playlists before hitting these zones. Platforms like Audible and Spotify allow offline content storage, ensuring you have ample entertainment even when off the grid. This preparation can transform a potentially boring drive into an enriching and enjoyable experience.

  • Keep an Eye on Fuel: The vast Australian landscapes mean that service stations can be hundreds of kilometres apart, especially in remote areas. Keeping a close eye on your fuel gauge is essential. Plan your refuelling stops and always top up when you have the chance, even if the tank isn’t close to empty. Carrying an extra jerry can of fuel can also be a wise precaution for those longer stretches where service stations are sparse.

  • Invest in a Smart Stick for Your TV: Investing in a smart stick for your TV can be a game-changer. These devices, like the Amazon Fire Stick or Google Chromecast, turn any regular TV into a smart TV. With access to Wi-Fi, you can stream your favourite shows on Netflix, catch up on news via YouTube, or even stream music. It’s a great way to unwind after a day of exploring, especially when you're stationed at a caravan park with internet access.

  • Manage Water Tank Levels Wisely: Travelling with full water tanks means extra weight, leading to increased fuel consumption. If you’re heading towards a campsite with water facilities, travel with just enough water for the journey. This approach saves on fuel and reduces the strain on your vehicle. However, always have enough for emergencies and basic needs, especially in more remote areas.

  • Regular Maintenance Checks: Before setting out, ensure that your caravan and vehicle are in top shape. Regular checks should include tyres, brakes, lights, batteries, and the hitch system. For long trips, it’s wise to pre-book service appointments along your route, especially in major towns, as this ensures your caravan remains in optimal condition throughout the journey. Regular servicing can prevent unexpected breakdowns in remote areas, saving time and stress.

  • Pack for All Weather Conditions: Australia's weather can be as diverse as its landscapes. From the tropical heat in the north to the cooler southern regions, be prepared for everything. Pack a mix of lightweight clothing for warm days and layers for cooler evenings. Include rain gear, a sturdy pair of walking shoes, and protective sun gear like hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen. Being prepared for any weather condition means you can comfortably enjoy every aspect of your adventure.

  • Flexible Itinerary Planning: While having a route plan is important, flexibility can lead to some of the best travel experiences. Be open to deviating from your plan based on local recommendations, unexpected discoveries, or changing weather conditions. Sometimes the most memorable moments are the ones you didn’t plan for!

  • Pre Download Journeys on Google Maps and Carry a Physical Map: Relying solely on GPS can be risky, especially in remote areas where signal loss is common. Plan and prepare by downloading your maps prior to setting off on your trip. You can do this on google maps by tapping your profile picture (top right) tap 'offline maps', tap 'select your own map' and move the rectangle over the area you are travelling to and download. AND buy A physical map or road atlas for reliable backup.

  • Wildlife and Environmental Respect: Australia is renowned for its unique wildlife, but with this comes the responsibility to protect it. Drive cautiously, especially at dawn and dusk when animals like kangaroos are most active. Always maintain a safe distance from wildlife and adhere to local guidelines to protect their natural habitats. Leave no trace behind, dispose of waste responsibly, and always use designated camping areas to minimize your environmental impact.

  • Embracing the Caravanning Community: One of the joys of caravanning is the sense of community it brings. Don’t hesitate to strike up conversations with fellow travellers. They can be a wealth of information, offering tips on hidden gems, campsite recommendations, and even troubleshooting advice. These interactions not only enrich your travel experience but often lead to lasting friendships.

  • Remember, the journey is as important as the destination. Take your time, soak in the views, and enjoy the incredible experience of traversing this beautiful country in your caravan. Safe travels!


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