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Desert Road

Looking for adventure?

Find My Van is delivering choice, price and safety to Aussie nomads everywhere.

Our Purpose

To match clients with caravans that align with their specific criteria



Our Vision

To be the peoples choice when buying or selling your caravan



Our Mission

To reduce risk when buying and selling new and preloved caravans. We prioritise people, education and safety before profit

Our Core Values

  • Honesty & Integrity

  • People Before Profit

  • Education & Leadership

  • Service & Community

We will not be scammed, and neither will you!

At Find My Van, we take the risk of scammers very seriously. Our team of experts, led by Vicky,  are dedicated to finding the right van, avoiding scammers and ensuring our clients will not be manipulated into purchasing over-priced or falsely advertised caravans.

We conduct thorough checks and comprehensive caravan inspections to ensure our clients make the right purchase decision.

About The Founder

The Journey from Police Officer to Caravan Connoisseur.


At the heart of Find My Van lies the spirit and dedication of Vicky, whose adventurous journey is as unique as the service her company offers.

With a commendable 19-year tenure in policing, Vicky decided to pivot her path, embracing the call of Australia's vast landscapes and serene beaches. Her venture into van life was more than a mere exploration; it became the birthplace of a revolutionary idea.

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Online Tutoring

About Find My Van

Leading the Way Since March 2022: Pioneering as Australia's first caravan brokerage, we've been setting industry standards since our launch!

Discover the Find My Van Difference:

  • No More Time Wasters: Why spend your precious time with non-serious buyers or sellers? We filter out the noise, connecting you only with genuine parties.

  • Secure Transactions, No Risks: Concerned about your banking details? As an ex-police officer leading this company, I ensure the utmost security and confidentiality in every transaction.

  • Scam-Free Experience: With rigorous checks conducted by an experienced professional, the risk of scams is a thing of the past. Trust is our foundation.

  • Expert Checks for Peace of Mind: Every caravan we handle undergoes independent pre-purchase and pre-sale inspection. Quality and condition are guaranteed.

  • Hassle-Free Paperwork: Say goodbye to the headache of managing paperwork. We take care of all the details, ensuring a smooth, hassle-free process.

  • Safety and Security at the Forefront: We prioritise your safety and security in every aspect of buying and selling.

  • Your Caravan Journey, Simplified: Whether you're buying or selling, we make your caravan journey as simple and enjoyable as possible.

Know your legal towing capacity?

Are you confused by all the caravan weight acronyms, GVM, ATM, GCM, Payload etc? Even if you have a basic understanding of towing weights, we recommend you complete this simple on-line course with  Its extremely simple to follow, it'll take you less than an hour to complete and its all online. It will teach you  'all things caravan towing, weights and packing'  who'd have thought - a course for packing your caravan! The team at FMV can not express enough the importance of packing your van safely! Click the link below to find more about the course 

Seaside Camping

Which-ever dusty road you want to take or beach sunset you want to wake up to, we will take the guesswork out of it all for you. Just plan your map route and write your packing list. We’ll do the rest!

Our Partners

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All caravans we list for sale, are sold with a comprehensive presale inspection certificate issued by Redbook Inspect. 



CIL Insurance is Australia s leading specialist in caravan insurance and RV insurance and insures more caravans than any other insurer.

Click here to read more.


For all your financial requirements, we recommend our partners at Credit One. 

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