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Find My Van is delivering choice, price and safety to Aussie nomads everywhere.​​

Ready to hit the open road?

At Find My Van, we journey with integrity and honesty, ensuring a transparent and trustworthy experience whether you’re buying or selling a caravan. Rooted in our core values of putting people before profit, we offer unparalleled service and value. As industry leaders, we not only guide you through our expansive, quality listings but also educate you on making informed choices.

Dive into our user-friendly listings, and you’ll discover everything from sleek, modern caravans to family-sized homes on wheels.

With Find My Van, the journey isn’t just about the destination—it's about finding joy in the journey and making memories that last a lifetime.

So why wait? Start your adventure today and see where the road takes you!

Night Camping

Ready for the Road? 


Discover your perfect caravan from our curated selection and start your next great adventure today.

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See the caravans that have just embarked on new adventures.

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Turn your caravan into another traveler's dream come true. We make selling simple and satisfying

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We specialise in finding unique caravans. If you don’t see what you want, let’s chat and make it happen!

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See what our clients say about us from verified Google Reviews.

Find My Van | Caravan Broker | Testimonial - Alicia
Working with Find My Van was the best decision we made! We had been on the hunt for our dream van for months but it was way too hard trying to set up viewings as we live so far away from everything. Vicky did all the work for us and set up video calls so she could walk us through it.We found our new home on wheels thanks to Vicky going above and beyond and keeping it stress free.
Thank you!

Alicia, South Australia

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Find My Van | Caravan Broker | Testimonial

It’s the great Australian dream. To set off on a road trip travelling the vast, open roads of the Australian outback, discovering hidden gems, and unearthing the secrets kept by our sunburnt country.

Find My Van | Caravan Broker | Testimonial -  Find-My-Van-Couple-Pic

Picture this. You spend the day on the open road, traversing alongside our sunburnt country’s rugged coast lines, and fall asleep as the sun sets through your caravan window. It’s the dream Aussie holiday.

Seaside Camping

Which-ever dusty road you want to take or beach sunset you want to wake up to, we will take the guesswork out of it all for you. Just plan your map route and write your packing list. We’ll do the rest!

Our Partners

Find My Van | Caravan Broker |  redbook-318x70


All caravans we list for sale, are sold with a comprehensive presale inspection certificate issued by Redbook Inspect. 

Find My Van | Caravan Broker | CILlogo


CIL Insurance is Australia s leading specialist in caravan insurance and RV insurance and insures more caravans than any other insurer.

Click here to read more.

Find My Van | Caravan Broker | creditone-logo-white

For all your financial requirements, we recommend our partners at Credit One. 

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