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Ready to find your van?

Are you ready to buy now? Let the team at FMV search for you!

Schedule an appointment and we'll give you a call.

We'll discuss your search criteria and have you on your travels ASAP!

How do we find your dream van?
Here’s how it works...


We’ll search for you.


Simply schedule an appointment and tell us your wish list with all your must haves and have nots.


Things to consider - location, budget, berth, off road or on road choice and if you’re looking for new or used… and we’ll get started!


Our customer service team are experts in finding a match, contacting the seller and negotiating the best price for you.

We spend our time hand picking only the best for your needs.

Fast, flexible and affordable is what we deliver.


Our network is selected with quality in mind.

We have a strict screening process for our private sellers and sell all vans with a presale Inspection certificate for peace of mind.


Our partnerships are based on reputation and integrity. We only deal with accredited manufacturers and dealerships.


You can leave your search in our hands knowing we will only engage with authentic partners and preferred sellers.

With Australia wide networks that offer choice, options and quality at our fingertips, your search just became easier, quicker and stress free.

No more needle in haystack searches, we have the map already.

Talk to us!

Address all your needs, fears and expectations and find out how we can make your caravan buying or selling journey a whole lot safer, cheaper and easier. Book a free, no obligation call with an independent caravan sales expert today.

We'll save you a ton of time and money!!

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